Image Use Policy

Image Use Policy

General Web Display

I love it when people like my art enough to share it online. All that I ask is that you leave the images in their original state (NO cropping, editing, filters, etc.), your use is non-profit, and that you credit me as the artist (for example, "Artwork by Rachel Anderson"), and include a link back to my website, Yes, you can share on your personal blog, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. On Instagram, because links are not clickable, please link to my instagram @twosilverstars and use #rachelandersonart. If you are still unsure if your use is ok, just ask me. So, to be clear:
  • No alterations (except proportional resizing)

  • Non-profit use only

  • Credit and link to my site

Please Note: This should go without saying, but please make sure that any site you re-post my art on does not offer prints or other products. This is a direct violation of my copyright and will result in a DMCA notice and Copyright strike, as well as legal action depending on the severity of the violation. It is your responsibility to make sure the site you are posting at is non-profit, so please think before re-posting anything you do not own the copyright to.

Additionally, the graphics that make up this website (logos, dividers, etc.) were created by me for this site only. They are not to be used or re-posted anywhere else.

Tubes, tags, stationary, or web sets

My artwork is exclusively licensed for tubes through Creative Design Outlet (C.D.O.).  C.D.O. offers packages of my artwork for a small, one-time fee for use in personal Non-Profit graphics projects.  They also have a forum where you can show off your creations. You can read more about their terms (which all use is subject to) here, and you can purchase my packs here. Use of my artwork for tubes, tags, or alterations of any kind without a C.D.O. license is strictly prohibited. Please feel free to contact them if you have any questions about their services, or would like to report a violation.

Use on Products & Reproduction Rights

If you would like to use my artwork for commercial "for profit" purposes please feel free to contact me and we can discuss licensing options and terms. If you feel like my work fits your project or business I am happy to review proposals.

You may NOT reproduce or use my art in any way, for any reason, without first obtaining a signed licensing contract from me.

If you want a print to decorate your home I sell them in my shop in a wide range of prices to fit any budget. If you live outside the US and shipping is prohibitive I have a list of alternative shops you can check out that may have better shipping rate options for your region. So please check those out if you're looking for new ways to decorate your home.

For Use as a Tattoo

Tattoos based on my artwork are allowed for individuals, but tattoo artists are not allowed to commercially offer the designs without obtaining a signed licensing agreement from me.  I do have a few guidelines for anyone wishing to get a tattoo of my art:

  • Please make sure you check out your prospective tattoo artist's portfolio. Find a tattooist who is experienced in reproducing highly-detailed, semi-realistic artwork similar to my work.

  • Please purchase a print of the artwork so that your tattoo artist has a high-quality reproduction to work from. I am sure you want your tattoo to look good since it will be a permanent part of you for the rest of your life. The best way to ensure this is to find a good tattooist and provide them with a high-quality reference to work from.

  • Please send me a photo of your finished tattoo, I would love to see it!

Reporting Illegal Use

If you feel that you have seen my artwork being used in a way that does not follow my Terms of Use and does not appear to be a legally licensed product, please contact me me with details of the infringement including any URLs or other pertinent information. I greatly appreciate everyone who takes the time to contact me so that I can handle each case appropriately.

Image Use Policy

All images and graphics on this site and my affiliate galleries are copyright to me, Rachel Anderson, and are protected under international copyright law. To further protect my rights as the copyright holder, all of my artwork has been registered with the US Copyright Office. My artwork is not to be copied, imitated, printed, reproduced, or re-distributed without my written permission. You are welcome to contact me for licensing permission if you are interested in using my artwork for profit.

This page contains my current Image Use Policy. My official website is the only place where you will find an accurate and up-to-date version. This policy may change at any time without notice.

If after reading this page you are still unsure of the answer to your Image Use question, feel free to contact me.